Test drive J2Store at our demo servers

Demo Server 1 (store front)

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Live demo

Jsn One

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Fashion Outlet

Live demo

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Demo Server 2 (Admin backend and store front)

Store Front

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Username: manager

Password: manager

NOTE: The Demo site will be reset every two hours.

Quick Start package for J2Store Core

We have created a readymade  Joomla installation package with J2Store core. This will help you run a store similar to our demo store. You can download this package and install it in your server like a normal joomla installation. Your store will be populated with a few example products.  It will have a layout similar to our demo store. This will help you get started with J2Store quickly.


Installing the package is almost same as installing Joomla in your server. Download the package and extract it to you a location in your server. Point your browser to the location and follow the on-screen instructions. It uses the Akeeba ANGIE wizard which is similar to the Joomla installation.